Admiration Monday: Dennis and Amy Hadley

I haven't done an admiration Monday post in a really long time, but I'm so excited to be writing one again and sharing two of the coolest people I know. I should have written an admiration post about them years ago since I have deeply admired them from the first time we hung out. We met them in Prague and really only got to hang out with them for a few months before we moved, but in those few months we grew to think of them as dear friends. Now as they return to their home town of Austin it seems like a perfect time to introduce you all to this talented couple.

So, say hello to Dennis and Any Hadley of Hello Unknown fame.

This was sadly the only picture I had of them (I think when we are with them we end up having too much fun to remember to take pictures)! This picture captures something I have to share about them though. One, Amy LOVES Christmas. Two, they throw a mean party. Every year they have a ginger bread house making party called Gingeropolis that is truly legendary among their friends. We had the pleasure of being part of their Gingeropolis party in 2010 and had an amazing time laughing and creating a whole city with friends.

Ok, so now, let me tell you some more about Dennis and Amy...

Dennis and Amy each have such unique abilities, but I can't talk about them without talking about them together because one of the things I love about them is what a great partnership they have. They are both infinitely creative in their own ways, but they regularly create together. I love meeting married couples who can do that, who complement each other so well and can work together so effortlessly. Amy and Dennis are definitely one of those couples.

Dennis is a graphic designer and front end developer. Dennis has designed and built some truly beautiful and creative sites, their own site Hello Unknown being just one example. He also draws and creates wonderful graphics (one example being the monster he created for their Hello Unknown site, which you can get a great glimpse of on this page).

Amy always has multiple creative projects going at one time. She's a talented interior designer, with a background as a news reporter, who regularly crafts, loves thrifting and creates beauty wherever she goes.

Together they create captivating and creative video projects (like this advertisement they created for Sir Toby's Hostel). Or this super fun and creative video they made about their first apartment in Prague. Or this great video they made telling the story of St. Nicholas day through a Czech perspective and some wonderful sketches. Or this beautiful portrait of their second apartment in Prague (where we used to hang out and swap stories with them).

But, Amy and Dennis have something more than just raw talent. They have an intentionality to their lives and their work that I, of course, really connect with. They don't just let themselves float through life content to unquestioningly do what everyone else is doing. Instead they are willing to ask questions, dig into themselves, and take risks. They desire a life of adventure and creativity and they are willing to take the necessary risks to go after those things.

But perhaps what I love about them most is that they approach everything as story tellers. When they meet people they ask questions, not just to get to know people, but to learn their story. They want to know the story behind people, things and places. They bring to all of their projects a deep gift for communicating the real heart and soul of the story they are telling. And I truly admire that.

But, Amy and Denis are not only incredibly talented creatives and storytellers, they are also just great people to hang out with. They are kind hearted and quick to help, sincere and effortlessly open, easy to talk to and even easier to laugh with. And despite their admirable talents they are deeply unobtrusive and unimposing, which is truly admirable.

They are an amazing couple and I would encourage you to check out their blog, and if you ever have a change to meet them I encourage you to go out of your way to make it happen! You won't be disappointed. As for me, I'm gonna be saving up my pennies for a visit to Austin and hoping it won't be too long before I am swapping stories over beer with these two again.

Rejoicing in the journey,

Bethany Stedman