Love is Like...

Since it's still Valentine's weekend I thought I'd share two poems with you that I wrote recently. I don't claim to be a poet and these are far from being really good, but in my own way I like them. They express some things I have experienced and thought a lot about lately. I hope you like them too.  

Love is Like the Crashing Waves

Crashing waves, coming closer, nearer. Suddenly to recede before drawing near again. We share a moment, hands clasped in doctors office chairs. A Chinese food picnic, beer in paper cups, wrinkled hotel room sheets. A word is spoken, misunderstood. The wave recedes. Kissed with tears we partake in infinite rebirth. A simple step forward - the wave crashes in again.


Love is Like the Changing Moon

Light waxing and waning. Eclipsed. One withdraws a word, a hand, a thought. One wonders a perplexed “Why?” The light wanes and a wedge of distance returns. Two so separate beings, different in numerous ways, distanced from time immeasurable. A word breaks the silence, a hand extends, a longing returns. Love waxes round and full again.


Rejoicing in the journey, Bethany

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