Writing Somewhere Else Today

IMG_7442 My friend Michaela Evanow has a series on her blog that shakes me to the soul every time I read one of the posts. She calls it "This is Motherhood {too}" and it's a beautiful collection of the breathtaking variety that is displayed in this gig called motherhood. It captures the beauty of the mothering stories that look different from the norm, the mothering stories that are not what we would have expected or asked for. Today I'm guest posting over there and sharing a little of my story. Here's a little taste:

It has been through motherhood, this difficult, challenging motherhood, that looks different than I had expected, that I have met God and met myself. My prayer is no longer, “Lord, please let me children develop normally.” I have seen the challenges of the normally developing and the challenges of those labeled with “special needs”. My prayer now is “Lord, transform me. And transform my children.

Hop on over there to read the whole post.

Rejoicing in the journey, Bethany