Another Birthday And Another Cocktail Creation

At the risk of you all thinking I’m a total lush, I’m going to share another cocktail recipe with you. Because this week I made a cocktail that won my husband’s complete and utter approval. In fact he called this cocktail his “new favorite.” I can’t not share that!


Plus, it’s Bryan’s birthday week, so it seems especially appropriate to share the cocktail that we are drinking to celebrate.

This time last year we really weren’t sure if Bryan would have another birthday. We hoped, we prayed, but we had a doctor very clearly tell us that there was a chance Bryan wouldn’t last more than four months. This week we celebrate another year and we are so grateful, so very deeply grateful. This year has been such grace to us.

But, we celebrate this birthday again under the threat that we won’t have another one to share together. Our gratitude is mixed with whispered fears. And somehow it makes it all the sweeter.

So, we toast a lot and I think a lot of a toast from the book A Severe Mercy. “If it’s half as good as the half we’ve known, here’s hail to the rest of the road.”

Wanna toast with us? Yeah, I thought you would.


But, before I introduce you to the star of the show, a note about one of the key players.


Absinth has gotten a bit of a reputation over the years. It’s been called a hallucinogenic and has been said to make some people go blind. The truth is that the early absinths where made with what essentially amounted to rubbing alcohol and the poor quality of the alcohol did cause hallucinations and even blindness in some cases. Absinth that you buy in the store definitely won’t do that. So, mom, yes, it’s perfectly fine for you to enjoy this cocktail too! In fact, I think you’ll really like it.

IMPORTANT: Don’t buy cheap Absinth.

I don’t often care about labels and brands, but this is one case where I’m going to tell you it absolutely matters what kind of absinth you get. The cheap absinths that are bright green are NOT good. Especially not for this cocktail. I recommend getting St. George absinth. Here’s a picture and a link to their site.


No, I’m not an affiliate of theirs (I’m not even sure they have an affiliate program). I’m not getting anything for recommending their absinth, but I have to recommend it, because it is GOOD. Like seriously good. It’s full of complex herbal flavors with a perfectly balanced licorice undertone. A good quality herbal absinth like St. George’s will work great in this cocktail. The cheap stuff…well, not so much.

Orange Absinth

1/3 shot Absinth

1/2 shot Triple Sec

1 shot whiskey

Mix and serve over ice, or shake in a cocktail shaker and serve straight up. That’s it.

If you like a stronger licorice herbal flavor use a 1/2 shot of Absinth (in other words equal parts Absinth and Triple Sec). If you like your drinks a little sweeter use a little more Triple Sec.

Hope you all enjoy! CHEERS! And here’s to Bryan’s birthday - a day truly worth celebrating!

Rejoicing in the journey,