O Adonai: An Advent Yoga Series

Today’s O Antiphon focuses on Jesus as Lord.

In the past few years, with Bryan’s cancer and Sage’s diagnosis, there have been a lot of things that have felt out of my control. Calling Jesus Lord has gone from something that was sort of mindless habit to something very personal. Adonai is even a little more than Lord, it is master. When I call Jesus Lord and master, I am reminded again of my place in relation to him. I acknowledge the control that he has and the lack of control that I have.

I am not master or Lord. I know that more deeply than I ever have before. If I were Lord, Bryan would not have cancer and my daughter would not have cerebral palsy. But, I am not Lord, and through Bryan’s cancer and Sage’s cerebral palsy God has poured out so much grace on us that I never could have known otherwise. He is Lord, and I am continually needing to remind myself that he is in control and that his control is good. Really good. His lordship is good. Really good. I know that full well.

The yoga video below is my offering to you. It is messy and imperfect. But I give it to you as an offering of love. And I ask you to receive it with a grain of salt, a touch of humor, and a lot of grace.

If you want a longer routine do a few sun salutations to warm up and then you can do this routine over again as many times as you want. If you don’t have much time you can jump right into the video and just to that. Whichever you choose try to spend a few minutes in Corpse Pose once you are all done. That is your time to just be with God and let the prayer you just practiced through really sink into your heart.

December 18th - O ADONAI