Godspace Post: Out of Hiding And Into Light

Today I have the privilege to share a bit of my writing on Christine Sine's site, Godspace. Christine has often shone light into my life and heart through her writing and her heart for prayer and contemplation. I'm always honored to get to share a bit of my thoughts and journey on her site. Here's a little taste of the post I'm sharing over there.

I’m beginning to think I cannot fully receive mercy and grace for what I do not expose. Perhaps this is exactly the work of sanctification. Exposing, one thing after another, before God, before myself, before others. Perhaps the work of sanctification requires that I see myself exactly as I am, see all of the cracks in my foundations, all of the broken places, the clutter and garbage to which I keep clinging. In seeing these things, in acknowledging, in leaning towards the light and letting it shine in all corners of myself, I am entering into the heart of Advent waiting, which is need.

It is our deep need for a savior, a messiah, that prompts us to call out the holy summons of Advent, “Come. Come, Lord Jesus.” It is our deep need for mercy and grace, for someone to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, that produces in us the holy longing of Advent.

Perhaps Advent is really a season of repentance. And perhaps the first step of repentance is to stop hiding and step into the light. I cannot heal myself, but perhaps God cannot heal me either until I come to him in truth, in confession, seeing my need for what it is.

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Grace and peace, Bethany