Growth, Life and Hope...

So, tonight I sort of started to freak out for a while, I felt stressed… overwhelmingly stressed, and uncertain and helpless. I won’t get into the details except to say that it was mostly financial stress .. though there were a few other stresses mixed in there.  

I was venting to Bryan when he all the sudden stopped and called me over to the kitchen where he was making dinner. He had noticed while I was talking that the chili seeds he had planted had sprouted and he wanted to show me. I came over to the counter where the pot sat and we both just stopped and stared at our new little chili plant. I’ve never had much of a green thumb, I have never been able to keep a plant alive for long and usually just overlook that sort of thing…but there was something really calming and refreshing about seeing that little plant who had once been nothing but a seed and had for over a week been hidden in darkness and dirt. It was beautiful and symbolic and I named her, Hope.


Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman

Photograph by Beth Stedman