We Moved

There is so much I could write right now… my head is swirling. I guess maybe that’s why I haven’t written much lately. I don’t know where to start or how to sort through these tumbling thoughts in my head. But, things are starting to come together and I’m starting to get some ideas for ways to talk about my thoughts and feelings.

For now I just want you all to know that yesterday my husband and I moved!! We were really excited about it and we continue to be excited about this move for many reasons. For starters this move has been one of those moments when we really can see God providing for us through his body. Let me explain…

My husband and I lost our jobs in July. Since then Bryan has been working as a consultant doing mostly SEO and web marketing stuff and I have been raising support to join the Christian Associates church planting team here in Prague. Things were fine for the first few months, but about October we started to get a bit worried and wonder how much longer we would be able to pay our mortgage. We talked about maybe needing to sell our apartment here in Prague or rent it out and find something cheaper, but we still held out hope that everything would work out and we didn’t talk too seriously about it. Then in December we were starting to get really worried, but weren’t really sure what to do. That’s when our friends Carrie and Mathias presented an idea to us. They had a really large flat here with more space than they really need, so they offered to do some slight remodeling and put up a few walls and another kitchen and have us live at their place. At first we were really surprised and I, at least, was a bit unsure about the idea, but the more we thought about it and talked about it the more it made sense and the more excited we got about it.

For a long time I’ve wanted to live next-door to friends (more accurately I wanted to move all of my closest friends to the same apartment building or the same cul-de-sac). Now I get to have a small taste of that living next-door to Carrie and Mathias, two of my favorite people. I’m excited about this new living arrangement and the adventure that it holds. At the moment I’m especially excited for the construction to be done and our stuff to be all unpacked… soon…soon.

Here’s to changes that strengthen and grow us, shared life, and God’s provision!

Rejoicing in the journey – Bethany