Best of October

Last month I started a new “tradition” of sorts where I decided to post a best of list at the end of each month – we’ll see how many months it actually lasts since I’m terrible at sticking to schedules and plans like that. But, either way I’m at least doing it again this month. I hope it’s helpful for you, especially if you are new here it should give you a good feel for what is all about.

Top 5 Most Popular Posts This Month:

  1. Beet Kvass (posted May 2010)
  2. Naked Church: Church in a Nude Art Exhibit (posted September 2008)
  3. Sphiphrah and Puah: Courageous Midwives (posted March 2009)
  4. Nurturing Creativity in Children (July 2010)
  5. Lots of Ways to Cook an Oat (June 2010)

This Octobers Top Referring Sites:

  1. Bryan Stedman (this is my husband’s site – I love him! And love that he sends me traffic!)
  2. A Nourishing Home
  3. Adventures in Babywearing
  4. Modern Alternative Mama

2 Personal Favorites Posted This October:

  1. Why We Moved to Prague: We are Existential Migrants
  2. Why We’ve Stayed in Prague for Almost 4 Years

2 Personal Favorites From October 2008:

  1. Lessons from Yoga: Focus
  2. Halloween

2 Personal Favorites From October 2009:

  1. My Birth Story
  2. My Son


A few Posts from other bloggers that I’ve really enjoyed this month:

  1. Tips for a Better, Healthier Halloween This post was filled with wonderful ideas for Halloween. I will definitely be putting some of these into practice with my family.
  2. Side-lying Nursing: A Breastfeeding Tutorial I found side-lying nursing to be really difficult and didn’t do it at all really until my son was about 6 months old. Now I can’t imagine how I survived those first 6 months without nursing laying down like this! I wish I’d read this tutorial right after I had my son and even now that I’d already figured out how to nurse on my side I still found this tutorial to be very helpful and informative.
  3. Why I Write Prayers This totally resonated with me! Christine has constantly been an inspiration for my own prayer writing and in this blog she put into words many of the reasons why I started writing prayers and liturgies a few years ago.
  4. Some Thoughts About Fear This post from the wonderful Debbie Jones is packed with really thought provoking questions I think we all should be asking and wrestling with.


Blogs I just discovered this month:

  1. Oddny’s Blog (I had the joy of meeting Oddny and her husband when they were in Prague a little while back – they were some of the most interesting and passionate people I’ve ever met)
  2. Hello Unknown
  3. Hey Now, Whoa Now! (both of the above blogs are written by the adorable Amy Hadley. Bryan and I recently had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband and look forward to getting to know them more in the future)

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman