Asking the Right Questions

So, I think I have been processing being back in Prague in different stages. At first it was just super exciting to be back in Prague – I was on cloud nine. Then there were moments of feeling a bit awkward and remembering that we are still in process here, as I wrote about before. Tonight I was processing another feeling I’ve felt, a lot, off and on since we’ve been back…

There is a whole world of experiences and feelings and ups and downs that I went through during our time in the states that people here don’t know about. There is a whole side of me that people here don’t know and that I haven’t really had opportunity to tell them about. Not that I would want to tell everyone every detail of the trip and what happened on it but I feel this need to express at least some of it somehow to someone. I also feel like there are three months of experiences and feelings and ups and downs that my friends here have experienced that I don’t know about. But, I’ve found that getting at the heart of 3 months of life (or any time period in life) doesn’t come easy. It’s not like I can just jump into sharing the real heart issues that I experienced in the last 3 months, and I’m sure others can’t either. Disclosures of self require being asked the right questions. That’s something I’ve been realizing. I don’t feel like I’ve been asked the right questions to pull out of me the real heart issues of the trip but I want to share them. And I don’t feel like I’ve asked the right questions in order to free others up to share with me the real heart issues of their last 3 months either. I don’t know that I know what questions to ask, but I want to know people on more than just a surface level.

Lord, teach me the right questions. Make me a good question asker.

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman