Saturday Links: All sorts of Goodness

I guess I’ll just jump right in…

My friend Tara, wrote a prayer on her blog this week. She drew from the Psalms of Ascent and the result was a beautiful psalm of her own. I encourage you to check it out as well as her other blog entries.

Chad at Blooming in Bullock wrote a blog titled A New Thing this week.  It is basically about different reactions people have to God doing “a new thing.” He writes about Isaiah 43:18-19 and I found it to be a really interesting and challenging post.

Kathy Escobar wrote on her blog this week about being safe people and safe communities. I thought she had some really good points and it was challenging to think to myself, “am I a safe place for those around me?”

Julie Clawson wrote on her blog, Onehandclapping, about Questioning God. I loved her thoughts on this. I have for a long time been a firm believer that questioning God and wresting WITH him can be a very powerful and necessary experience in the life of the believer. I also love Julie’s honesty in sharing her own life.

I recently started reading a blog called The Margins and I have really enjoyed the thoughts that I’ve found there. This week there was a post called Narrow is the road. It was a story taken from a driving experience and I found it to be a really interesting analogy. I encourage you to read it.

The Homeschool Diva is a blog that I am quickly coming to love. This week she wrote two posts about Giving children perspective on Jesus. You can find part one HERE and part two HERE. I found these very interesting and I really respect how thoughtful and intentional she and her husband are in the spiritual formation of their children. I want to be that kind of parent some day (when I have children).

I found a new blog this past week and so far I’m really enjoying the thoughts shared there. The blog is called Stepping Out of the Grey. I especially liked this post entitled Change of Plans. The thought that really stood out to me in it was “How many times do we drive or walk past someone who is experiencing the hardest or worst day or their life?”


Alright, I think that is it for this now. Hope you enjoy!

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman