New Blog Structure: The Expirement Comes to an End

Ok, I think it’s time to end the blog schedule experiment. I enjoyed this little experiment and I think I will continue with a few parts of it, but I think I am in need of more freedom. I found that on some days I had things I wanted to write about but couldn’t because they didn’t fit the topic for the day. I also had times when I had trouble coming up with anything to write about that did fit the topic for the day and ended up sort of forcing it. So, I think I will go back to just writing about whatever I want whenever I want.

There are, however, two things that I would like to keep doing as carryovers from this experience. First, I would like to continue to write daily even when it’s difficult and I don’t have something to say, I think writing daily is a good discipline for me.

Second, I would like to continue to take Mondays to brag about the people that God has brought into my life. I have really enjoyed telling whoever would listen about the beautiful people that God has surrounded me with and how much they each mean to me. I really think it is important to let people know how truly uniquely beautiful they are and how much they mean to you and I find that it’s important to do that in front of others. I never realized how important it was to praise and admire people in public until I got married. I have learned over the last 3 years of being married that it is really important and means a lot to my husband when I admire him and tell him how amazing I think he is, but it means a lot more to him when I tell other people how much I admire him and how amazing I think he is. I think there is something special about admiring another human being in a public setting that increases and magnifies its significance. Hmmm, random side thought, maybe God likes that too – maybe it’s not enough for us to tell Him in private what we think of Him and how much we love Him, maybe it means something more to Him (and to us?) when we tell others how amazing He is and how much we love Him. Anyway, I think I will keep doing Admiration Mondays at least for a while longer.

Thank you all for joining me in my little experiment with a blog schedule, maybe we’ll try it again someday, but for now it’s back to regular UN-scheduled programming. J

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman