A Simple Poem for Advent

I wrote this poem as a way to interact with Advent. In our small group we have been studying the Gospel of John using The Message translation and this poem came out of those conversations and meditation upon that book.

Word of God creating Light, where once was darkness Searching for my true soul Obey, now, and take heed

God among the people, Revealed at last His glory Speaking to my blind heard, Lamb of God to bleed.

Light amidst the darkness Bright against the black sky Reaching toward my lost soul Speaking Life indeed.

Thunder in the desert Echos through the canyon Pulling at my dry heart Calling out my need

Wine from not but water, Deep and rich and flowing Whispers to my parched heart, Celebrate this seed

Friend cries out in triumph “Come and see the savior!” Tugging at my poor soul, “Come, friend, come and see.”

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman