12 Dollars of Christmas: Blankets for Babies

This post is part of the 12 Dollars of Christmas series I’m doing, sharing with you about different charities and people who are making a difference for God’s kingdom and asking you to join me in praying for them and in giving $1 dollar (or more) to each of them.

Blankets for Babies is a charity organization started by some family friends of mine in Arizona. This organization has a simple mission to make quality blankets and give them away to as many hurting, cold, and impoverished children as possible around the world. Here’s what the organizations Founder, Lindsay Hughey, writes about it:

“It was their faces. It started with the faces of countless children in snapshots, on television, and those I saw with my own eyes when I would travel to other countries. It was the fear and pain I could see in their eyes. It was the environment around them. Despair and insecurity that no child on Earth should ever have to face, was a routine part of their lives. It struck a chord deep within me. It touched me, but I wasn’t sure what I could do about it. I tried to comfort my own heart, tried to find a way to understand how fortunate I was to feel the love, safety, and security of friends and family around me. It was then that a distant childhood memory gave me the answer. It perfectly captured that physical expression of hope and love. I realized that I knew a way I could give them that same warmth and provide them a feeling of security. A blanket. We could give each of them a blanket.”

And that’s exactly what this beautiful organization has gone about doing. They make quality blankets make with Chenille fabric and a satin trim in a size that is perfect for newborns to 5 year olds. And then they distribute these blankets to children in need all over the world. Their blankets have gone to South Africa, Australia, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Guatemala, Poland, Tanzania, Romania, and a number of shelters, hospitals and agencies in the Phoenix area. Hopefully soon their blankets will be coming to the Czech Republic J

This is a wonderful organization and I highly encourage you to check out their web site and read through their facts page.

As part of my $12 dollars of Christmas campaign I also encourage you to join me in praying for Blankets for Babies and to join me in sending $1 (or more) to help support them and further the work God is doing through them. You can donate by visiting this page on their web site.

Lord, thank you for the love and comfort that you freely poor out on all of your children. I pray that you would bless Blankets for Babies and that through them you would both physically and spiritually pour out your love, comfort and peace on children all over the world. Lord, I pray that you would expand this organization and the reach that they have around the US and around the world.  I pray that through them you would bring comfort, warm and security in small and big ways to many who are today cold, sick and hurting.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman