12 Dollars of Christmas: Kara Maddox

This post is part of the 12 Dollars of Christmas series I’m doing, sharing with you about different charities and people who are making a difference for God’s kingdom and asking you to join me in praying for them and in giving $1 dollar (or more) to each of them.

Kara Maddox came to Prague in February of this past year for a one year internship with our church and Christian Associates International. She quickly fell in love with the city and its people. Kara is originally from Texas, but has spent the last few years before coming to Prague living in California. Before Christian Associates, Kara worked as a professional photographer, showing her work in galleries around the Bay area. 

Kara has done a lot since coming to Prague and I know that the past year has been incredibly shaping for her. She started teaching English at a high school right after arriving in Prague and has developed a number of relationships with her students throughout the year. Kara has also continued to use her love for photography and has started a photography club with her students – teaching them about photography and just giving them opportunities to try new things photographically. Kara has also volunteered with Young Life here in Prague and been a part of the summer English camps that happen all over the Czech Republic.

A few Sundays ago Kara also led our home group church community in a really nice discussion about the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth and the story of John the Baptist’s birth. We had a nice talk and prayer time and then she lead us in a creative expression exercise that was a great end to the evening.

Kara’s internship with Christian Associates ends in February and she will be heading back to the states for a time to raise money so that she can come back to Prague for long term ministry. If you want to learn more about Kara and what she is doing in Prague and will be doing in Prague you can do so by visiting her blog.

And as part of my $12 dollars of Christmas series I encourage you to join me in praying for Kara over the Christmas season and I also encourage you to join me in sending $1 (or more) to her this Christmas to help further the work that God is doing through her. You can do this by going to Christian Associates web site. Click the “give now” button and then designate Kara Maddox in the Missionaries and Projects section. All contributions are tax deductible.

Lord, I thank you for bringing Kara to Prague and for the work that you’ve done in her and through her while she’s been here. Lord, I pray for her as she finishes up this last little bit of her internship with Christian Associates – I pray that she would end well. I pray that you would give her the strength, resources and support to finish the year as a strong influence for your kingdom here in Prague. Lord, I ask that her time of raising support back in the states would be a wonderful time of true preparation and growth for her and that you would bring her back to Prague with strengthened vision, new freedom, and deep hope.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman