Best of September

Ok, so I thought I’d try out a new little tradition around here and start doing a “best of” post at the end of each month. Basically, I’ll post links to some of the most popular posts and some favorite posts from the archives. It was actually really fun for me to put this together and look back at old posts, I’m curious how it’ll go in the coming months. Before we jump into the links I want to take a second to say thank you to YOU! Each of you who have stopped by to read my blog have helped make it a place that is safe and encouraging for me and for so many others. Each of you who have taken the time to sit and read my random thoughts have contributed to keeping this blog going. THANK YOU!

Top 5 Most Popular Posts this Month:

  1. Beet Kvass (posted May 2010)
  2. “Naked” Church: Church in a Nude Art Exhibit (Posted September 2008)
  3. Immigration: Choosing Love Instead of Fear (Posted September 2010)
  4. Gotta Spend Some Time, Love (Posted May 2008)
  5. Shiphrah and Puah: Courageous Midwives (Posted March 2009)

This Septembers Top Referring Sites:

  1. Simply Sugar and Gluten Free
  2. Food Renegade
  3. Nourished Kitchen
  4. Girlichef

I feel REALLY honored that these 5 blogs are my top referring sites because they are some of my favorite blogs and some of the most wonderful bloggers I know. I highly recommend that you check out their sites if you haven’t already. I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have directed people to my blog through your links and your carnivals. This blog wouldn’t be the same without all of my amazing readers and I owe many of them to referrals from you. So, THANK YOU!

2 personal favorites from This September:

  1. Love and Fear Dance Together
  2. What Would You Tell Your Pre-Mommy Self

2 of my favorite recipes I posted This September:

  1. Sick Busting Super Soup (Onion and Garlic Soup)
  2. God Bless The Indian Summer (Plum and Peach Cake)

2 personal favorites from September 2008:

  1. “Bethany Was Here” – Desiring to be Known
  2. Moving Towards True Being: The Long Process of Maturity Side Note: Rereading Moving Towards True Being was especially good for me right now – I needed this reminder and may be writing more about this soon…

Do you have a favorite blog post from If so what was it?

Do you have any suggestions for topics for future blog posts?

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman