Space to Be

Today I walked around Down Town Scottsdale by myself for a while. I wandered through the sleepy and quiet Arts District in the middle of the day. For two blocks I didn't see a single person. It was lovely. The sun beat down on my shoulders. The warm desert dryness wrapped around me like a blanket. A gentle breeze kissed my face.

I didn't think, I just felt. Breathing in feeling with every breath and breathing out, releasing each feeling again into the void of empty air all around me.

I didn't pray, but every step felt like a prayer, lifting up my very heart to God instead of just my vocal requests.

I wandered for a while and then found a little bakery to stop and eat at. I had thought when I sat down that I would spend the time writing while I ate, but instead I completely zoned out. My gaze blankly moving from the leaves on the bush outside the window in front of me to the painted wine glasses on the shelf next to me to the greens in the salad I slowly ate.

It was lovely. To just be. To not have anyone needing anything from me. To not have anything that I needed to do or accomplish.

Space to breath. Space to feel. Space to think, or, more accurately, not think. Space without dishes, laundry, nagging children. Just me.

We all need space like that now and then.

So, my prayer for all you who are reading this today is this,

May you find time this week to wander with no destination in mind. May you allow yourself delightful moments of empty thought, allow yourself not to be productive. May you sit quietly with your heart open before your God and allow yourselves the space to just be.

Rejoicing in the journey, Bethany