Improve your yoga videos with iMovie for Yogis

When I first got to know Kaitlin, or KK, as I always called her, she was in junior high — awkward and starry-eyed, like most junior highers. Now, she’s one of the coolest, most well-traveled, and intelligent people I know. In fact, let me give you a little taste of how cool, intelligent, and international she is: she’s entering grad school at the London School of Economics next month. Yeah, it’s kind of a fun thought that once upon a time I mentored her. Now, I just want to pick her brain and learn everything I can from her every time I see her. 

KK has taught yoga for even longer than I have (we’re talking over a decade people) and she knows her stuff. She’s also always been incredibly creative, with an aptitude for picking up new things quickly and mastering them. I have no doubt that this class will be an incredible resource.

Admittedly, this is a pretty niche offering, but an amazing one for any yoga teacher looking to expand into videos. 

Here’s what KK writes about the class: 

Video content produces the highest conversion and engagement rates online, whether that be on social media, a landing page, or a website. If you are a yoga teacher, yogapreneuer, or wellness business owner looking to take your reach and income to the next level, this course shows you exactly how to make professional, high-quality videos for all your digital outlets. iMovie for Yogis course teaches the art of post-production in an interactive, accessible style, so that you can elevate your video content, save time in the editing process, and grow your audience.

This self-paced course includes 4 modules of 12 videos and handouts that will take you from beginner to insider of all things post-production. We cover hands-on editing hacks and strategic questions for your videos' style and brand. You'll come out ready to publish those engaging, audience-growing videos to Instagram, YouTube and beyond. Andiamo!

Here’s a little sample video with some tips about filming KK put together:

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Bidding starts at $70

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